South Yardley Allotments Society
Allotment sites in Acocks Green and South Yardley

August on the Allotment

Sow Spring Cabbage, Chinese cabbage, late spinach,  kohlrabi, turnips,  spring onions,  radishes, and hardy lettuce, Lettuce is surprisingly hardy and under cloches and in the greenhouse can be available in the winter.
Plant out  savoy cabbages, cauliflowers and hardy kales.

Pinch out the growing tip of runner beans to encourage bushier growth. Pick runner, climbing and dwarf beans regularly.
Stop tomato plants now to encourage fruit to swell and ripen. Ensure they are watered regularly.
If aphids and blackfly are a problem squash them with your fingers or squirt with soft soap solution 

In a prolonged dry spell, give a good soaking rather than little sprinkles that encourage surface rooting.
It's the last month for summer pruning (remember plums have to be summer pruned).
If needed support branches of overladen plums and damsons by inserting a length of 2x1 notched at the top (like an old fashioned line prop) to support the branch or tie to the stem with robust twine.
Keep the base of trees weed and grass free, mulch to keep in moisture and add fertility with garden compost.
Protect autumn raspberries now with netting from the birds before the fruits arrive.

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