South Yardley Allotments Society
Allotment sites in Acocks Green and South Yardley

Allotment Shop
Opening Hours 
Tuesdays 10.00 - 12.00
Thursdays 10.00 - 12.00

Allotment Shop prices 2016-17 
Shop open most Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12 
Fish Blood Bone            traditional organic fertiliser             £0.70  kg
Erin Multi purpose          seed or potting indoors                  £4.20  70l
Horse Manure                soil conditioner and fertiliser          £3.00  40l
Grow Organic                concentrated organic fertiliser        £6.00  15kg
Slugoids                         metaldehyde slug pellets               £1.20  lb
Growmore                       7:7:7 fertilizer for bigger crops      £0.75  kg
Canes (8ft)                      perfect for runner beans               £3.00  10  
Lime                                good for brassicas & heavy soil   £5.00  25kg
Ammonia                         For leafy crops                             £0.60  kg
Peat                                 soil conditioner                             £2.50  40l
Round-up                         weedkiller use at 20ml/litre          £3.60 250ml 
                                         in  sprayer works in 2-3wks         £0.30  20ml
Chicken Pellets                fertiliser                                        £5.50  8kg
John Innes No.2               soil based potting compost          £3.25  25l
Humax                              top quality potting compost         £4.80  60l
Ground Cover(2m  wide)  weed suppressant lasts 10yrs    £2.50  metre
Garden  Fleece 2m wide  keeps carrot fly and onion           £1.00  metre 
                                         leaf miner out.   
Lawn weed and feed       Only use on lawned areas           £1.50  kg
netting 8m wide               best quality, very strong               £2.50  metre
maxicrop                         liquid fertilizer 45ml/gallon            £1.60  500ml
horticultural grit               gravel trays or add to compost     £3.20  20kg

Black Plastic 4m wide      weed control                                £2.00 per metre

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