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Getting your plot rotavated.

As a member  of South Yardley Allotments Society you have access to a powerful 12 horsepower diesel Camon C12 Rotavator. 
The commercial price to hire such a powerful machine is £115 per day, but you can have your plot rotavated for you for £20 for a plot up to 200 Square metres, £30 for a plot between 200 and 300 square metres and £40 for a plot between 300 and 400 square metres.It can be done any time of year as long as the soil is not too wet.

Soil preparation

Before your plot is rotavated the weeds need to be cut down either with a scythe, a pair of shears or a petrol strimmer (There is one available to borrow). Any rubbish (wood, large stones, wire, pieces of concrete, metal) that could damage the rotavator must removed and taken to the recycling centre at Tyseley.

If there is a lot of couch grass or bindweed it it best to apply glyphosate weedkiller during the growing season, wait for three weeks for the weeds to die, cut the dead weeds down, than have the rotavation done.

If you would like to book to have you plot rotavated email

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