South Yardley Allotments Society
Allotment sites in Acocks Green and South Yardley

Becoming a plot holder on our allotment sites could not be easier, just contact us via the email address at the bottom of each page and ask for details.  Before you do this however, make sure you understand what is involved in taking on an allotment.
An allotment garden  needs cultivating, weeding, sowing and planting, feeding and training, and keeping pests and diseases at bay. This takes work, time and some expense (though a well tended allotment can pay for itself many times over). It is not something you can do just occasionally and you will not achieve an instant success. So, consider, realistically, whether you are able, and willing, to put in the time and energy necessary to succeed. If you are sure, and determined, then go ahead and take on a plot!
After you contact us we will arrange with you arrange to go and view available plots, and discuss the facilities available.
If you decide to accept the offer, then you will be sign a tenancy agreement, in triplicate and you will be given a copy of the Allotment Rules.   Read the document carefully before you sign. You will keep one copy, the Allotment Society keeps one copy and one goes to the council. You will need to pay the rent due and the small Association Fee, plus returnable deposit for any keys you are given.
Congratulations! You’ve got your plot and can start work!. The allotment year, currently, commences on Oct 1st till Sept 30th of the following year. If you take on a plot part way into a year the first year’s rent will be calculated on a pro-rata basis. You will be charged on the ‘chargeable’ area, in square metres, predetermined for your plot.

If  having taken on a plot and having given it your best shot, you aren’t enjoying it, or have insufficient time, or decide that allotment gardening is just not for you, then let us know and give it up. 
You can erect a shed, or a greenhouse on your plot as long as it is within the Rules.
Bonfires are permitted on both sites during the months of March and November,(and only at weekends on the Clay Lane Site) but there are some guidelines which must be followed. (See the Allotment Rules).
Your plot will be respected, and no other plot holder will enter onto it, without your invitation. 
If you have a dog, you are expected to keep it under control at all times and not allow it to roam freely on other plots. You are expected to clean up after it, especially on communal areas and pathways.
Similarly, if you bring your children onto the site, you are expected to supervise them and not to permit them to wander onto other plots, or become too noisy, and to ensure they tidy up after themselves too. Allotments are full of stones, canes and other sharp objects, so be aware for your children's safety as well as for your own. 
One of the great moments you will enjoy is the taste of those first crops that you have been impatiently waiting to harvest. Another source of pleasure will be sharing them with your family, friends and dinner guests. Your food will be fresher and more flavoursome than even the best of restaurants.
When you reveal to your friends that you’ve grown it yourself, they may even become interested in taking on an allotment too, and be keen to know more.
Just point them towards this web site!

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