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Allotment Bonfires

Many plot holders find the burning of twiggy or woody prunings and/or diseased plant material a useful aid to maintaining a tidy and hygienic plot, or as an aid to clearing a vacant and neglected plot.
However, to avoid a total ban on the South Yardley sites,  we must comply with the Council's conditions. The full compliance, by every plot holder, with these conditions is required to ensure that the site can avoid the council imposing a total ban on bonfires on the sites. 

These conditions are as follows:-
Bonfires may be held during the months of March and November only. On the Clay Lane site, an additional restriction is only at weekends.

Persons wishing to light a bonfire during the permitted times should first ensure that the wind will blow any smoke away from the houses on neighbouring properties. They should further ensure that any smoke should not cause nuisance to neighbouring householders, other plot holders, or persons using the adjacent public rights of way.

All bonfires should be of waste that has been generated on the allotment plot only, and NOT imported from off-site. The waste should consist of dry vegetable matter only and no plastics, rubber, or any other substance likely to cause dense and/or toxic smoke should be included. The waste should be pre-dried so that it burns freely without the production of excessive quantities of dense smoke. The fire should be kept small and manageable, and used only for the disposal of the waste concerned, and not for any celebratory or other purpose. 

In the case of complaint by any neighbouring householder, or plot holder, the fire should be extinguished immediately, without argument.

The plot holder must be in attendance the whole time the bonfire is alight, and must ensure that it is fully extinguished before leaving the site. At no time should the bonfire be left unattended.

All plot holders are requested to comply fully with all conditions in this notice. Failure to comply will almost certainly lead to complaints to the council and/or other authorities, which will result in a total permanent ban on the lighting of bonfires on the South Yardley sites.

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