South Yardley Allotments Society
Allotment sites in Acocks Green and South Yardley

South Yardley Allotments Society has existed for generations and was formed by the plot holder tenants. The purpose of ‘the Society’ is to promote the interests of the plot-holders at the South Yardley Allotments, by providing a representative body in their dealings with Birmingham City Council, other Authorities, and the general public.

The Society is formed by the members who pay a membership fee.

The aims are;

 a. to further the upkeep and development of the South Yardley Allotment sites, and to foster good allotment gardening practice for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all plot-holders.

  b.To provide a forum for plot-holders to exchange views and knowledge on allotment gardening and other topics of mutual interest, and to engender fellowship between members.

 c. To seek out such benefits as may be available for the mutual advantage of members.

Management Committee. 
The Society is managed by a formally elected committee – elections are held each October at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The committee is made up of volunteer, unpaid members who all have families, jobs, and plots to manage. All members are able to stand for election and the committee actively encourages members to become involved. Without the committee the Society could not function,
The committee is constituted of the usual three officers, Chair, Secretary (Site Manager) and Treasurer. In addition we have six other committee members.

Management Committee 2017-18

Site Manager (Secretary): Dave Holland
Chair :   Eddie Chase
Treasurer:   Stephen Cox 
Committee Members:
Phil Barratt,
 Ray Taylor, Sam McKee, Tahsina Badhar, Denise Mills, Alan Ingrey

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